Contemporary Stuff Plus Older Items

The Design Process

Whether you are looking for something with actual functionality or just a luxury tree house with modern décor and appeal, you are in excellent hands. What you envision, we design and build.

To help the process along, we use modern design software and techniques. This allows us to show you the designs in full and the demolition process of your current assets in stages. It is the best way to ensure each phase comes out somewhat recognizable and the project is potentially completed at some indeterminate time in the future.


You can meet with our designers in the showroom or schedule an exciting consultation at an undisclosed and suspect location. You'll be able to see some of the finished designs and look over our expansive portfolio. There might even be a couple things you'll want to include in your home, like doors, windows, paneling and indoor plumbing. [See Our Gallery]


You want your home, safe space or unfinished water closet to be a reflection of your personal taste and possible lack of style. At, our designers work to ensure your ideas are not incorporated into the plans and that you are less than confident the project will turn out the way you expected.